Camera Obscura to release Gandahar Blu-Ray

A scene in Gandahar
A scene in Gandahar

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.

Yesterday German film distribution company Camera Obscura announced a soon-to-be-defined Blu-Ray version Gandahar, Laloux's third feature film created in collaboration with French artist Philippe Cazaumayou, also known simply as Caza.

In France, Gandahar had its official theatrical run in 1987. The re-dubbed, re-score, and re-edited English version reached American cinemas the year after. Since then, it's been released only on cassettes and a handful of DVDs, one of them from UK distributor Eureka, as part of their renowned series "Masters of Cinema" (2007). That version is now discontinued and can be found only on second-hand online stores at staggering prices.

The big news came through the company's website, which specializes in underground and surrealist movies from the past century (mostly from the Old Continent), and suggests also a possible UHD release, though this remains to be seen. It would undoubtedly be the perfect victory for all Laloux fans who wish to enjoy the amazing animation and Caza's beautiful scenarios.

Voices of a 4K version have been around for over a year now, with the Amsterdam's Imagine Filmfestival screening the restored film in 2021. After this announcement, we can only patiently wait for Camera Obscura to release other details.

In a thousand years Gandahar was created. A thousand years ago Gandahar will be released in Blu-Ray. Or something like that.